Whether you're shopping for groceries, renewing your car insurance or eating out, there's an easy way to save £100s each year. Just start your purchase at Quidco, and shop as you would normally.

Cashback deals - when you make a purchase from this retailer, we get a commission and we pay this to you as 'cashback'. We retain the first £5 cashback you earn each year to fund the site, and pay the rest straight into your bank or Paypal account.

Voucher codes - when you make an online purchase from this retailer, you can get an instant discount, free delivery or other saving simply by entering the voucher code at the checkout page.

Printable vouchers - get an instant discount at high street stores and restaurants, by printing the voucher and presenting it when you make your purchase.

Quidco exclusive:

Voucher codes with cashback

Voucher code + cashback - at Quidco you can save twice with lots of retailers, by getting an instant discount with a voucher code, and earning cash back on the same purchase! Look for merchants that have both icons.

Shop online or in store

  • For cash back or voucher code deals, click through to the merchant's website and shop online as you would normally (ensuring you remember to enter the voucher code at the checkout where appropriate). Make sure you check any T&Cs on the merchant page.

  • For printable vouchers, shop in-store as you would usually and present your voucher at the till (or when your waiter takes your order if you're using a restaurant voucher). Make sure you check any T&Cs on the voucher.

  • For In-store cash back deals, all you need to do is register your payment card, and then shop in-store as you would normally.


  • With voucher codes and printable vouchers, you'll get an instant discount at the checkout or till.

  • If you use a cash back deal, there are a few steps before you get your cash back:

    • The merchant tracks your purchase back to Quidco using cookies

    • The merchant checks the T&Cs have been met and if everything is okay, it validates your cash back

    • Quidco receives a commission - this can take from a few days to a few months depending on the merchant

    • After retaining the first £5 you earn each year, Quidco pays the rest straight into your bank or Paypal account

    • You can check the status of your cash back at any time by signing-in and checking your account.

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